Double D Dodgeball

  • Platform: Xbox Live Arcade (no longer available)
  • Released: July 16, 2008
  • Price: 800 Microsoft Points
  • Role: Production and Design

When I began my job at Yuke’s Company of America, the concept for Double D Dodgeball had already been submitted to Microsoft and was awaiting approval. So this game was my first experience with game publishing, and where I got my feet wet with many responsibilities, including keeping track of bug reports, testing builds, making suggestions to improve the game, ratings submissions, localization, preparing video trailers and other marketing assets, and much more.

The game production process went smoothly, but we had some difficulties when it came to release, and it did not get very good reviews from most critics. The game was a unique concept, but was designed for Xbox Live at the time (in which the only big hit was Geometry Wars), whereas by the time the game was ready to be released, many high budget titles had already come out which raised the bar on the platform significantly, and thus made our game look weaker in comparison.

Still, the game had a unique take on Dodgeball, had smooth controls, frenetic gameplay, and we felt it was a good game to play with friends as a break from the more hardcore games like Halo. The game sold on the XBLA for two years, and was removed after Yuke’s Company of America closed down.