A Pirate Curse

Wrote this last night for a quick writing exercise during Naperwrimo‘s weekly group chat. The theme was to come up with a pirate curse: There exists a pirate treasure more amazing than you can ever imagine It was hidden away a long time ago by a man of incredible cunning So cunning that he placed […]

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Famitsu 360 lists Proximity 2 as top Indie Game pick!

Wow. Thanks to the keen eye of @gaspode_t, a Microsoft employee in Tokyo, I found out that Proximity 2 was chosen along with two other games as the May indie games of the month in the Famicom 360 magazine. Famicom is one of the largest and oldest running video game publications in Japan, and Famicom […]

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Proximity 2 Released on Xbox 360!

Proximity 2, a turn-based strategy game, made it through the peer review of Xbox Live Indie Games last Friday evening! It is now available for purchase on both Xbox 360 and iPhone platforms (released late last year). More information, including a trailer, can be found here. Proximity 2 (originally called Proximity HD) placed 3rd place […]

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