About Me

Hi! I’m Brian Cable, and I’ve been designing games ever since I learned how to draw monsters with lots of eyes, teeth, spikes, and guns.

While bored at school, I taught myself how to program with my graphing calculator and made my first video games on there. Later on, I discovered both Adobe Flash and Newgrounds, and started releasing my games out to the world, for free.

One of those games, Proximity, became a worldwide hit and was played by millions of people. I then decided to pursue making games as a career. It took awhile, but I finally got some attention from the industry with Proximity HD, which won 3rd place in Microsoft’s first Dream Build Play game development contest in 2007, and again when it was one of the seven free game previews people could download to preview the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

Yuke’s Company of America, a subsidiary of Yuke’s, the Japanese developer of the popular Smackdown vs. Raw and UFC Undisputed series, saw my game at XNA Gamefest and set up a meeting for a possible publishing deal, which unexpectedly turned into a job interview, and I joined their team as Lead Game Designer. While working for them I helped design and produce 4 console titles: Double D Dodgeball, Neverland Card Battles, Evasive Space, and NEVES Plus. Due to several factors the games didn’t sell as much they needed to, and the company closed.

I then went back to Illinois State University to finish my computer science degree, and released Proximity 2 on both the iPhone and Xbox Live Indie Games during that time.

After graduation, I joined a startup in Chicago called Xecudev, and was the Lead Programmer on their first game called Track Lapse, which released in February 2012 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m currently working on supporting and adding new content to the game.