A Pirate Curse

Wrote this last night for a quick writing exercise during Naperwrimo‘s weekly group chat. The theme was to come up with a pirate curse:

There exists a pirate treasure more amazing than you can ever imagine
It was hidden away a long time ago by a man of incredible cunning
So cunning that he placed a curse upon it
That he who wishes to gain his fortune
Must never look for the treasure
If he ever searches, he will not find it
But the terrible thing is that you must also never hear about this treasure
Or read about this treasure
Or see maps about this treasure
Because at that point, it will be too late
Suddenly the treasure will come to your mind without beckoning
And you will always see just how amazing this treasure is
And you will hear the coins and jewels clink against each other
As they spill over each other in a constant golden waterfall
And you will feel those coins running across your fingertips
And those you meet, even strangers, will always remind you of the treasure
And you will not get a moments sleep without dreaming about the treasure
Until finally, out of sheer madness, you go searching for the treasure
And the images will disappear, and the clinking noise will dissapate
And your fingers will feel like normal again, and strangers will no longer speak of it
But now you are doomed to never, ever, find that treasure, for the rest of your life

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