Famitsu 360 lists Proximity 2 as top Indie Game pick!

Proximity 2 in Famicom 360 Magazine

Wow. Thanks to the keen eye of @gaspode_t, a Microsoft employee in Tokyo, I found out that Proximity 2 was chosen along with two other games as the May indie games of the month in the Famicom 360 magazine. Famicom is one of the largest and oldest running video game publications in Japan, and Famicom 360 is the magazine that focuses on Xbox 360 games.

This is incredibly amazing to me. I still remember checking what review scores Famitsu gave my favorite games every month over a decade ago. Now one of my games is there!

Even though I used to buy comics in Japanese and try unsuccessfully to translate them back in the day, I have no idea what the text above says, unfortunately. A friend offered to find someone to translate, though.

Buy Proximity 2 now on the Xbox marketplace, or read more on Proximity 2. Or watch the gameplay trailer on Youtube. For those of you with iPhone or iPod Touches, Proximity 2 is out on the iPhone as well!

Source: http://twitpic.com/4gfde8

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