A Pirate Curse

Wrote this last night for a quick writing exercise during Naperwrimo‘s weekly group chat. The theme was to come up with a pirate curse:

There exists a pirate treasure more amazing than you can ever imagine
It was hidden away a long time ago by a man of incredible cunning
So cunning that he placed a curse upon it
That he who wishes to gain his fortune
Must never look for the treasure
If he ever searches, he will not find it
But the terrible thing is that you must also never hear about this treasure
Or read about this treasure
Or see maps about this treasure
Because at that point, it will be too late
Suddenly the treasure will come to your mind without beckoning
And you will always see just how amazing this treasure is
And you will hear the coins and jewels clink against each other
As they spill over each other in a constant golden waterfall
And you will feel those coins running across your fingertips
And those you meet, even strangers, will always remind you of the treasure
And you will not get a moments sleep without dreaming about the treasure
Until finally, out of sheer madness, you go searching for the treasure
And the images will disappear, and the clinking noise will dissapate
And your fingers will feel like normal again, and strangers will no longer speak of it
But now you are doomed to never, ever, find that treasure, for the rest of your life

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Famitsu 360 lists Proximity 2 as top Indie Game pick!

Proximity 2 in Famicom 360 Magazine

Wow. Thanks to the keen eye of @gaspode_t, a Microsoft employee in Tokyo, I found out that Proximity 2 was chosen along with two other games as the May indie games of the month in the Famicom 360 magazine. Famicom is one of the largest and oldest running video game publications in Japan, and Famicom 360 is the magazine that focuses on Xbox 360 games.

This is incredibly amazing to me. I still remember checking what review scores Famitsu gave my favorite games every month over a decade ago. Now one of my games is there!

Even though I used to buy comics in Japanese and try unsuccessfully to translate them back in the day, I have no idea what the text above says, unfortunately. A friend offered to find someone to translate, though.

Buy Proximity 2 now on the Xbox marketplace, or read more on Proximity 2. Or watch the gameplay trailer on Youtube. For those of you with iPhone or iPod Touches, Proximity 2 is out on the iPhone as well!

Source: http://twitpic.com/4gfde8

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Proximity 2 Released on Xbox 360!

Proximity 2, a turn-based strategy game, made it through the peer review of Xbox Live Indie Games last Friday evening! It is now available for purchase on both Xbox 360 and iPhone platforms (released late last year). More information, including a trailer, can be found here.

Proximity 2 (originally called Proximity HD) placed 3rd place in Microsoft’s Dream Build Play contest in 2007, was playable at the XNA Gamefest in 2007, ?was shown in Microsoft’s keynote and playable at a booth at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2008, and was one of the 8 games chosen by Microsoft to promote the Xbox Live Indie Games service before the service was launched in 2008. It was also directly responsible for getting a job in the game industry as Lead Game Designer for Yuke’s Company of America, during which I helped design and produce four games on the Xbox 360, Sony PSP, and Nintendo Wii platforms.

The game was already fun at the time, but very unpolished, and I decided to hold off on releasing the game until the interface flowed fast and smooth and all the planned features were implemented and tested. It took a few years slowly getting there during the small pockets of time I had between Yuke’s, and later school, but it’s finally gotten to the point where I’m satisfied with its design.

Thank you for everything, and I hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I still do, six years after the first game has been released and after hundreds of hours of development and playtesting!